Recovery Coaches are trained and experienced to help those suffering from alcoholism/addiction achieve a healthier, stronger, and more positive life in recovery. HEF Recovery Coaches work closely with the recoverees, providing regular and often daily guidance to empower them to lead the lives they deserve.

We have three key responsibilities as a Recovery Coach:

The first is to assess the recoveree’s situation and needs. This step requires us to engage fully and deeply with the recoveree to understand his/her path to addiction.

Based on this evaluation, the recoveree and Coach collaborate to outline a clear set of goals for recovery. While these objectives and timelines vary, and are unique to each individual, we emphasize the importance of setting both short and long term goals.  Key considerations here are nurturing and rebuilding relationships with family and friends, exploring the impact of mindfulness and spirituality in recovery, and practicing routines of self-care including but not limited to fitness.

Third, we work closely with the recoveree and provide ongoing support to help him/her achieve these goals. It is important for us to provide guidance and resources while also maintaining healthy boundaries and terms of accountability. By striking this balance, we can ensure you that our recoverees achieve a recovery that is lasting and self-sustainable.

With the structure and unwavering support provided by a Recovery Coach, recoverees can begin to live an authentic and fulfilling life of health and true happiness.